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Converting to an Omnichannel System Means 33% More Sales for this Gun Supply Store

When Paul realized he wasn’t bringing in new sales from his existing website, he knew it was time to make a change. This is when he realized Orkiv could handle and help to facilitate an omnichannel offering for customers. Within 3 months of implementation not only did the website do better, but sales overall increased by 33% through the online and in-store channels.

How Business Improved After Implementing Orkiv

In the years before using Orkiv, Bullseye had a fully operational website, but they were not generating new business online, or in store. After implementing Orkiv, Paul Connolly says “We saw a major uptick in the amount of customers coming through the site.” Their website design beforehand was not mobile friendly, and the commerce system was outdated and hard to manage. The new website was a custom design which demonstrated the wide variety of product they have available, with a smooth mobile friendly design. And with Epic Commerce, the new website facilitated full omnichannel capability to allow for buy online, pickup in store functionality. With the easy management interface, Paul and team were able to update, add and delete all aspects of their inventory, from one place. This streamlined operations and allowed them to offer higher quality experiences to their customers.

With the addition of a new website, Paul was setup to handle customers wherever they chose to visit him; online, in-store, or purchasing online and picking up in store. A big advantage in the implementation of Orkiv for Paul was to utilize his existing payment infrastructure to handle the transactions, to keep all receipts in one place. But, what really sets Paul’s website apart from others, is that through Orkiv’s Epic Commerce system, he is actually converting customers at a higher frequency, based on smarter software embedded within that automates event based email triggers. Paul has complete control to create and select event types, which sends emails to his customers, based on relevant products, "Personalization is key” said Paul about his business, and this is what Orkiv can provide.

Marketing Gold

After a successful omnichannel website implementation, Paul was eager to get more people buying. He chose to utilize Orkiv Retail Marketing to make his site come alive with visitors. This involved a full three step approach to involve email collection, email automation, and social-based local ads. Through these methods Paul was able to drive 10x more traffic to his website than the prior website was driving. His favorite part was seeing his emails come through weekly, with reports to clearly show what return he was getting from the people reading and clicking through their emails.

Recently, Paul has made the choice to implement Proximo, for location awareness within his website. This enables Paul to customize targeting radius’ and offers, for people visiting his website, to then drive them in store. Though this was a recent addition to his marketing, Paul says “It easily converts customers to the store where our sales staff can guide the purchase.”

Why Utilize Orkiv?

Creating a seamless omnichannel experience is what makes modern retailers successful. Having the resources, platform and expertise to market that properly is what truly sets retailers apart, Orkiv helps achieve this for retailers of all sizes. We know you’ll love it, so get started.


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Improving online conversions by 28% for this furniture retailer

Family Discount Furniture provides new, discounted furniture to customers around the Rhode Island and Boston area. They wanted to increase the amount of foot traffic and sales they were achieving through online means. Their current storefronts were doing well, but they had yet to fully utilize an online strategy to capture new customers, while increasing the purchase frequency of existing customers. This is when Ryan Coletta, one of the family founders, found Orkiv and realised this may be something to turn their website into a powerful sales channel.


The two Furniture Retail brothers, began selling through the storefronts. This helped them establish themselves in a very local area. But, they realized they could not reach everyone nearby their stores, so they decided to maximize the potential of their site. “We knew we could find more customers, we just didn’t know how to go about doing it online.”

Ryan wanted to be sure they were expanding the existing reach of the store, so new customers in the nearby area of their stores would find them. They also wanted to make sure the customers they were finding would continue to shop at their stores over and over.

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Making the Most of their Website

Being a newer business in the area, Ryan knew he provide some blue ocean space between himself and his competitors by utilizing an online approach. Since most of their customers purchase semi-infrequently, it made sense to use a strategy that would find them new customers, and keep existing ones coming back. Ryan had checked out a few of the competitors options, but ultimately decided the marketing package put together through Orkiv was the best fit. Utilizing the social based, local ad set would get new customers finding them online, then the email capture system would gather information from those customers to keep them coming back in the future, with an email automation system working as a conversion mechanism throughout the lifetime of the customer. Ryan said this about the marketing system put in place “we’ve been able to nearly double the amount of sales coming through our doors since we implemented this.”

Turbocharging In-Store Sales

After the implementation, Ryan and team began utilizing the feedback loop to provide better and better data from which to optimize the campaigns. By reading about proper implementation of inbound marketing strategies, Ryan was able to get better details on his customers, to provide a more personalized experience to those customers in the future.
Previously, Ryan and team were confined to a standalone website, providing limited potential for gathering customers attention, and zero ability to gather customer's information for use in the future. By transitioning to Orkiv Retail Marketing, Family Discount Furniture has increased web traffic over 200% in total. This effort was further maximized in the summer of 2016 when they introduced Proximo to their marketing mix.

With Ryan seeing success from the marketing already implemented, Proximo would act as a real-time conversion assistant, to alert customers on their website where the closest store is, with an incentive to “navigate now.” This real-time platform has boosted the number of customers coming into the store to buy, directly from the website. Ryan says “my metrics are easier to track now than they ever have been, with precise figures on the number of customers converting to the stores from my site.”

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Repeating Customer Success

With a full scale marketing implementation, Family Discount Furniture was able to consider other options with how they could bring in new customers. Through a series of automated email campaigns based on customers behavior, they could reignite customers who had not purchased in a given time period, to drive them back to the store. This increase helped Ryan become more profitable on the customers he was acquiring through paid means.

Becoming a company with marketing on their side transformed Family Furniture into a digitally relevant brand, with more connection to their nearby audience. They look forward to utilizing more capabilities, with Orkiv by their side to continue their success in the near future. Family Furniture will look forward to opening new business channels to continue bolstering the power of the web. After only three months with Orkiv, Ryan held a 7.8% conversion rate of website visitors to email subscribers while increasing unique website visitors by 41.95% in addition to increasing sales to store by 28%. These impressive stats have catapulted Family Discount into growing their store base, and looking into options for an entire online commerce channel for 2016.

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